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We experience it everywhere, knowingly or unknowingly.

We experience it everywhere, knowingly or unknowingly. We are all subjected to this thing called branding. In a way this is required by both brands and consumers. Brands need it to be present in front of the consumers and consumers need it to know what is available. Everything starts with human brain and its ability or non-ability of retaining information. In a crowded market if a consumer needs to remember a certain brand, it needs to be shown to them frequently and repeatedly and consistently.

Being unique and different from the competition is the key to successful branding. This is achieved in many ways. A direct product centric, USP oriented branding can be done to take a unique place in the market, this is if the product itself has those qualities that make it unique from the rest. A concept based positioning is done in case the product does not have a particular USP, like an alien taking the product away from this world because it thinks that the product is superior. Or using a celebrity to achieve popularity works well too. Thinking deep, and many new and unique ways may be found to get branding done.

Digital domain is definitely one of the easiest platforms available today to brand products and services. Social media may be used to reach a vast segment of audience to communicate about products and service. This is because of the dominant use of digital devices by people today, like mobile phones, tabs computers etc. Today’s technology allows us to even track the behavior and interests of the audience based on their activities in these platforms, enabling marketers to design the right strategy and plan to reach them effectively.

Right content armed with right strategy and plan goes a long way. The mix needs to be perfect, keeping the objective, target audience and products/services in mind. Success of brands online depends on the partnership between digital marketing companies and clients too, as both need to understand each other and work towards the same goal. More than winning a point on the discussion table, it should be the final goal and vision that is of paramount importance.

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