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What is great about them? Logos.

Most of the people know the importance of a logo. It represents a company or is the face of that business. Can’t businesses function without a logo? Well, it is like asking, can’t you live without your face? Pretty much everybody is recognized by their faces, same way every business is recognized by its unique logo (not discussing other brand experiences now). This helps the respective business’s audience recognize it easily. Imagine a situation where you have a visiting card, a website, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and all other social media pages etc. without a logo on it, for your business. Will your audience be able to recognize each one of these as your business easily or will they be confused with them as different ones? Especially in today’s market where there are so many competitors and pretty much everybody with a good brand identity (logo). Of course there are some brands that attempted branding without its logo, but please remember that these brands have been here for a long time and have captured the mind space of audience in a big way through their products and services, these are exceptions, may be a little bit Googling would give you an insight into this subject.

Every business asks for/expects a great logo. But what is a great logo? Well, there isn’t single rule or way or method in which a great logo is designed. A logo is a subjective creative outcome, that starts right from the brief given by the client, and evolves through its entire creative process, while keeping the very vision and nature of the business for which it is being developed or designed, in it. It is very important that both the seeker (client) and the creator (creative agency), are in perfect sync to roll out a great logo. Because a great logo is great when both the parties are in complete understanding of each other during the process of development, and happy and in perfect agreement of what has been the result.

There are three basic types of logos (Although there can be combinations of them):

1. Word mark-The ones that are based on text, example Canon.

2. Abstract – Logos that are based on abstract graphic elements, example Nike.

3. Pictorial – A logo developed around a picture of something, example Puma.

Although a logo is not the only thing that makes a business look unique, this is one of the most important things that every business should have. A good logo conveys the vision/nature/characteristic etc. of a business uniquely, creating a bond between the audience and the business in the long run. No logos are overnight successes. That means just by creating a logo that looks amazing, attractive and perfect, the success of it cannot be guaranteed. It is a representation of the business in the most creative and aesthetic manner. The logo becomes a success when the vision and promises of the brand is followed through and with constant commitment in serving the customer, which creates deep connect and loyalty withing them.

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